I Believe in Space

Solo exhibition, 2014

A collection of typographic and illustrative works exploring the theme of outer space!
This was my very first solo art exhibition, held in September at Blacklisted Gallery, then travelling to The Hungry Workshop in Melbourne in October.

Purchase a limited edition print here.
Letterpress pieces and invitations printed by The Hungry Workshop.
Space photography from NASA's royalty free archives.

Part 1

For these pieces, I asked people to submit answers to the question: "What would you say to your loved ones if you, or they, were about to depart on a super long mission to space?"

I then turned six of those responses into the artworks below. The final artworks are printed in 5 colours, including a metallic gold, fluro pink and glow-in-the-dark. They are available as a limited edition of 20 letterpress prints each. (Purchase a print here)

Part 2

I used the second part of my show to explore my own thoughts on space, experimenting with hand-lettering techniques using brush and ink.

Identity & collateral

I designed a visual identity to support the exhibition, applied to letterpress foiled invitations, instagram posts and a website. 

Paper stock was kindly donated by K. W. Doggett.