Hello! I'm Jess Cruickshank (née Wong) and I'm a Sydney-based letterer and illustrator. In a previous life, I lived in Brisbane, studied graphic design and worked in advertising as a digital designer.

I enjoy creating with both traditional and digital media, and particularly love using brush and ink. My work can be seen across advertising and brand campaigns, book covers, editorial illustrations, typefaces and animations. You might also find me up a ladder painting a mural or creating custom lettering live at an event.

Some clients I've worked with include Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Smudge Publishing, Tourism Western Australia, Sydney Opera House, Clinique, Red Cross, Red Bull, Shangri La Hotels, Deloitte and News Life Media.

For commercial work enquiries, please contact my agent:
The Jacky Winter Group
AU +61.(0)3.8060.9745
USA +1.646.797.2761
UK +44.20.8144.9874

For anything else, please email me at

Instagram — latest work, sketches, news.
Linkedin — professional credentials.
Twitter — tiny rants with a chance of all caps.
Pinterest — mostly porny pictures of seafood.

Group Exhibitions

Louder Than Letters, Sydney & Melbourne
Outside the Box, Melbourne
Sydney Lovers, Sydney
Sunday Walls, Sydney
Secret 7", London
Ins and outs, Toowoomba
Artists' Playground, Art Month Sydney
Shark Week, Melbourne

Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler, Sydney
I'd Letterpress the Shit Out of That, Melbourne
Golden The Exhibition, Melbourne

Look See, Newcastle

Solo Exhibitions

I Believe in Space, Sydney & Melbourne


First Five Out, 2016
Enmore Design Talks, 2016
Typism conference, Gold Coast, 2015
Guest lecture, Shillington college, 2015
Look Hear Mixt Bizness conference, 2015


Hand Lettering Studio Session w/ Georgia Hill, 2016
Australian Type Foundry "Type by Hand", 2015, 2016
Work-shop Sydney, 2015, 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015
Look Hear festival, 2015